Take control of your electrical power production for:

  • Resiliency …. Keep power flowing despite Power Shutdowns.
  • Lower costs.. Reduce Demand costs and kWh costs by at least 30%.
  • No Capital outlay…. Design, permits, construction and maintenance… All included.

A Microgrid is an independent power network using Solar Arrays or Natural Gas Turbines to produce power and distribute the energy within it’s network. A Cogen Microgrid uses the heat produced to generate more energy. These local microgrids are interconnected with the Utility grid, but can go into “Island Mode” when Grid goes down.


As the cost of electricity continues to rise, the MicroGrid shows savings more than 35% in power costs with NO Capital expenditure with our 15 and 20 year Energy As A Service,EaS, financing.

Contact CommEnergy for No Cost Modeling to determine how much your property can save.